Our Rates

Below you will find the current rates for Brandon Simmons at B12 Fitness. To learn more about Brandon, you can read his bio. You can also contact him directly at brandon@b12fitness.net

Group Training

Group Training

6 on 1 = $15.00 per person
5 on 1 = $20.00 per person
4 on 1 = $25.00 per person
3 on 1 = $30.00 per person
2 on 1 = $35.00 per person
Individual Training

Individual Training

Because there are so many variables for individual training (fitness levels, goals, logistics, duration of commitment, etc), prices can vary from person to person and situation to situation. We encourage you to use our contact page or email Brandon directly to figure out a rate that works for you and fits into your fitness goals.

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