About B12 Fitness

Getting healthy or maintaining fitness can be a very complicated endeavor and going it alone can seem impossible. Many people make the decision to get in shape for a variety of reasons but end up giving up because they can’t seem to find the right routine that works from them. They may try taking group classes or just hitting up the gym equipment on their quest but never find their groove and eventually give up.

Others, who are already in shape but have found themselves in a rut, seek out new ways of getting in shape. They look to find new inspiration to maintaining their current fitness levels. Or maybe they are ready to go to the next step and really need help figuring out how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

From the New Year’s resolution follower to the seasoned athlete, partnering with a personal trainer can be the best fitness decision you will ever make. A personal trainer can cater exercises and routines to match your current fitness levels and help you achieve whatever goals you are after. Unlike group classes where you are just one of the numbers taking a pre-planned class aimed at nobody in particular, a personal trainer can learn your strengths and weaknesses and help you use those to get where you want to be.

B12 Fitness is here to provide the personal trainer you need. Brandon Simmons, the owner, is a former Florida State University football player and is currently an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified personal trainer who has trained every body type, every age bracket, and every fitness level. When you are ready to make the plunge, he stands ready to catch you.

Be Inspired
Be Dedicated
Be Driven
Be Strong
Be Active
Be Healthy
Be Determined
Be Unstoppable
Be Positive
Be Motivated
Be Fearless
Be Transformed

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